World's #1 Pushup Mat! The Murphy Mat is Here!


Push Up Mat




"We are proud to announce that is now the exclusive distributor of the Rohan Murphy Classic Push Up Mat (aka "Murphy Mat").

Rohan Murphy, an American fitness icon, has been featured on ESPN, 20/20, ABC, CBS, among others and the subject of an award-winning Nike commercial. He personally co-designed the mat to bring the gift of fitness to all. Adults, kids, seniors, disabled, beginners, pros. At 3' x2', the mat is generously sized and yet easily rolled up for transport or storage. It's 1/8" Eco-friendly material provides a stable, sturdy, non-slip surface for any user. 

The Murphy Mat is designed to isolate and target each upper body muscle for maximum results with minimal effort while providing remarkable comfort. Simply follow the numbered positions for an amazing workout. Or create your own routine! 





For more on Rohan's Story logon to WWW.RohanMurphy.Com